Why balloons are an important part of parties

Why balloons are an important part of parties


Be it a kid or an adult, balloons bring instant joy to us all. Birthday parties, graduations, farewell, baby showers, you name it every event makes use of balloons in one way or another. These balloons have gradually become such a significant part of parties that without them, the set up does not seem to come together.  Further, there is so much variety in balloons nowadays that one can get overwhelmed choosing between them.

Why did balloons in Dublin become so important for the parties and various kinds of celebration is a question we may ask ourselves? Let’s narrow down a few reasons that make balloons so important.


Balloons look lively


Balloons, without a second thought, lighten up the atmosphere. The best part about balloons in Dublin is that they make the entire setting look so lively. From a kid to an adult, balloons can cheer anyone up. There is so much you can do with them in terms of the décor as they are very versatile. Whether it is a birthday party or a farewell, the same balloons can help set up a completely different vibe for the said occasion. Finding a balloon shop dublin is also very easy. You can also make balloons delivery dublin. These balloons can add a touch of joy to every dull party. You would see a nice lively vibe with a balloons décor.

Balloons are a perfect prop/backdrop for photos


Whether it is an Instagram boomerang or a Facebook profile photo, with balloons every photo just levels up. One of the reasons why people love balloons in dublin so much is because they are an ideal prop for photos. You can hold a bunch, strike a pose with a single one, or use them as a backdrop for the photos. The guests themselves can come up with creative ideas for fun photos.  The popping colors of these balloons can grab a lot of people’s attention and get you amazing engagement on your photos. Even the pastel colored ones or the transparent ones filled with confetti can look quite beautiful. You can even take fun pictures while blowing the balloons or even bursting one. Balloons can look very aesthetic in the photos if used nicely

Balloons are fun to play with


Yes, balloons are so much fun to play with even as an adult (guilty :p). Even if you do not have any activity or games planned for the party, balloons can bring the fun element you need to cheer everyone up. There are so many games that involve balloons such as ‘don’t let the balloon touch the floor’ or you can even event a new one. Especially at kids’ birthday parties, balloons in Dublin are clearly the hero of the night. Kids love to play with the balloons and you do not have to worry about how to keep them engaged.  Blowing balloons can be so much fun if you have family or friends helping you out. What is even more fun is the helium balloon. Blowing into a helium balloon and then talking funny right after is sure to make everyone laugh. And who does not like to burst a few, right? Bursting them right when the party is over is also quite an activity in itself

Balloons are an affordable party decoration


One thing we all can agree on is how easy on pocket balloons are. Balloon shop dublin does not cost much and one can always find a range of colors in balloons. These balloons are so economical that regardless of the budget for your party, you can always have balloons. Even a single bunch of them would do the job.  Not only are balloons the cheapest form of event décor but are also easy to decorate with. For last minute plans or surprises, balloons can be a real savior. Even if you have not planned anything at all, taking a bunch of balloons and cake can make the vibe more celebratory.

There is a lot of variety in balloons


With so many events now becoming a must-celebrate, you can find so many types of balloons. Latex balloons, foil balloons, toy balloons, LED balloons, and the list goes on. The party decorations are not limited to the latex ones. Letter balloons are becoming increasingly common these days. These balloons spell out common words like happy birthday, farewell, it’s a boy/girl, baby shower, etc. You can even get letter balloons customized these days. Moreover, babies love LED balloons. The lights of these balloons appeal to them. These balloons also come in a lot of shapes as well. Cartoon character balloons are the kids favorite. I can go on and on but the variety of balloon delivery Dublin won’t end.

Balloons look celebratory


Whenever we think of a celebration, it is hard to believe that a balloon with a little bit of confetti falling does not pop up in our imagination. Balloons are symbolic for celebration.  They automatically light up the ambiance. It is the reason why they are seen so much at a plethora of party types. The balloons are a must for celebrations like birthday parties, baby showers, and farewell/ welcome parties. Balloon arches on the entrance or stage not only look celebratory but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Final word


Balloons in Dublin are clearly an un-missible part of parties of every sort. Not only do they add a fun element to the parties but look aesthetically pleasing in the photos as well. Balloons are also very easy to find as you can find them even at stationery shops. From the latex balloons to the letter and cartoon character ones, every market has a balloon seller selling one type or another of them.

The next time you are in charge of the décor for any party, you can get custom balloons to add a touch of personalization or simply use the latex ones for a more celebratory feel.

With that it’s a wrap from us!


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