Games Balloons in Dublin for Kids that are Surprisingly fun

Play Activities For Surprising Fun with Balloons in Dublin

Balloons in Dublin are a mandatory part of every celebration because of the fun and bright colors they add to the event. Apart from that, they can also be used to play wonderful games for both adults and kids of all ages. This kind of entertainment pleases not only children but also adults as everybody likes balloons. 

The importance of games can not be ignored at all as these are helpful in the development of kids’ brains and the mental health of adults. Do you want to learn unique ideas to get amused with Balloons in Dublin? Stay tuned and meet the best ideas for interesting activities with balloons.  

Finding A Surprise

This fun activity can be played at any time to engage the kids. For this activity with Balloons in Dublin, Ireland, you will have to put a small surprise (any coupon or ticket to cinema or playland) in one of the balloons.

Invite children to look for the surprise by bursting the balloons using toothpicks. Kids will enjoy this exciting surprise activity. 

Balloon in Dublin Race

Arrange this race with a minimum of 4 players and so on. Make pairs of 2 players to run across the premises by balancing a balloon between their head or belly.

If the balloon bursts before reaching the destination, they can have another balloon which will waste their time as compared to the other pairs. The pair that reaches the destination, first of all, will win. 

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Dancing With Balloons in Dublin

This is a very funny and entertaining game using Balloons in Dublin for both kids and adults. To play this game, tie up a balloon to the left ankle of each participant. The mission of the players is to burst the balloon of their opponent with their right leg during the dance.

It will create a hilarious environment among the viewers of the party. You can set up some rules during this game. For example, mark a boundary to dance within it. 

Hitting The Balloons in Dublin

Hunting for the craziest kids games using Balloons in Dublin, Ireland? Check out this one. Inflate some balloons and tie them up with strings and then hang them with the ceiling at different heights.

Ask the little players to rise up and hit the balloons with some sticks. This will be a fun activity for kids at a Birthday party. 

Water Balloons

This is one of the best outdoor fun activities to play in Summers. This game is best to play with a lot of children or adults as well.  For this activity, you need small-sized balloons. 

Fill up these balloons with water and then run after each other to throw these water balloons. If the balloon doesn’t burst after throwing, that player will be out of the game. You need to get fine-quality Balloons delivery in Dublin for this activity. 

Final Thoughts:

Balloons in Dublin have a magical influence on everybody’s mood. These are the best accessories for inexpensive entertainment and decoration as well. We hope you will surely use these ideas to create a festive mood at your parties. 

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