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Hosting a kid’s birthday party can be a tough job. Kids want their birthday party to be fun filled. Apart from the games you arrange for them they demand things like chocolate, and unlimited candy. Stand out this year for your kid’s birthday party by getting a candyfloss machine for the event. Candy is every kid’s favorite and not only will it be amazing for your kid but will surely be quite an entertainer for the guests at the party.

we can fulfill all your birthday balloons needs and can get you a candy floss machine from our sister website Bounce Direct. This really cool candy floss machine can be rented for the parties so that you do not have to spend a lot of money in buying them just for one event.

We have a fantastic range of Fun foods available for hire through our sister website where you can find candyfloss machine, Slushie Machines & Chocolate Fountains all to make that party extra special.

CandyFloss Machine in Dublin, Ireland

Looking for a candy floss machine for the birthday of your little one or a fun fair for the school? Worry not as we bring you a candy floss machine here in Dublin. The candy floss machine is a fun food hire for every kind of event meant for kids. It can be a total game changer in a kid’s birthday party.

We can get you candy floss machines from our sister website Bounce Direct. If you are from Dublin you can get the candy floss machine for the day. All you have to do is first check its availability and then order it through our website. The candy floss machine is perfect for every type of venue be it outdoors or indoors. The supply for running the candy floss machine is also provided.


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CandyFloss Machine

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