Kinder Chocolate Surprise Egg


Kinder Surprise Egg

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Take Care:
Parental supervision is advised whilst consuming this product, please also consider portion sizes as they vary from product to product.


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Thanks you for expressing your interest in our kinder surprise egg, these eggs are extremely tasty for those chocolate lovers out there and especially for the younger children when they find an amazing little toy inside after their first bite.

Usually its takes a little bit of time before the chocolate egg is pushed aside or trampled into the carpet whilst they try and open the little yellow case that the tiny toy is contained in so they can attempt to assemble it, that is if they don’t loose the parts in the rest of the chocolate egg that is trampled into the good carpet or flooring.

Around now the dog is probably trying to lick the chocolate from the floor, but you just remembered that dogs cant eat chocolate as it makes them sick, so it it really worth spending €2.25 for a Kinder Chocolate egg or maybe its a cheap way to enjoy watching someone else going through this and having to clean up your mess after them as you bought it! Enjoy.

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